Manchester Airport

Goddard Consulting LLP are working with Pascall + Watson and Manchester Airports Group (M.A.G) to transform Manchester Airport, the UK’s third largest airport.

The redevelopment programme, worth up to £1bn over the next ten years, encompasses a series of 60 developments within the existing airport footprint. A major part of this is the expansion and reconfiguration of Terminal 2, which more than doubles its current size. Additionally, a new glass frontage and entrance creates a presence for the building that will become the airport’s primary terminal, whilst the check-in facility’s new double-height space provides a light and expansive internal environment.

Other works included are the upgrade and enhancement of Terminal 3, new piers, a new baggage factory and new multi-storey car parks.


Client:  Manchester Airport Plc

Lead Designer: Pascall + Watson

Construction cost:  £850 million